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Maths in Melbourne page is no longer maintaned

Dear Colleagues,

Due to my increased commitment to other activities, and in particular the content support of the new MoCaO page, I am no longer able to maintain the maths in Melbourne page with seminar announcements. Please let me know if you are interested in taking over.

Warmest regards,
Vera Roshchina.

MoCaO web page

Check out the new web page of Mathematics of Computation and Optimisation special interest group of AustMS: http://mocao.mathsig.org/.

Hamiltonian Cycle Problem Challenge

Participate in a competition on Hamiltonian cycles project (FHCP Challenge Set) to win $1001.

Mathematics of computation and optimisation

AustMS has approved the establishment of new special interest group "Mathematics of Computation and Optimisation" (MoCaO) earlier this week. As suggested by the title, the group's focus will be on the mathematical foundations of computation and optimisation.

Enquiries should be directed to mocao@austms.org.au.

Thank you for participating in the workshop

We would like to thank all participants of the optimisation workshop for their brilliant talks and fun discussions during the workshop.

Special thanks to Sharon Kirby who took on a lion's share of work organising the workshop, from coffee breaks to room access and name badges.

We hope to see everyone again soon!

Registration is open for the mini workshop on optimisation

Please register here.