Cerasela Tanasescu is giving a talk at Swinburne on 17 November

Our RMIT Opt group member Cerasela Tanasescu is giving a talk on Wildfire Management at Swinburne University of Technology on Tuesday 17 November. The details are below.

Title: Wildfire Management and Operation Research
Date: 11:30 AM Tuesday, 17th November 2015
Venue: AGSE 202, AGSE Building
Speaker: Dr. Cerasela Tanasescu , RMIT
Abstract: As more frequent and destructive wildfire events threaten lives and homes, analytical methods can assist in assessing alternatives and making decisions. Nowadays, wildfire managers have access to a large amount of data from a variety of sources including geospatial databases, fire behaviour and climatology models. It is often difficult to interpret these data in a coherent and efficient way. Moreover, managers constantly face a number of challenges that complicate the problem, such as limited time, constrained resources, conflicting objectives, uncertainty and strict constraints of different nature.

Operational research (OR) is a discipline uniquely placed to provide mathematically sound insight in wildfire management. As an example, consider that the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission investigating the catastrophic 2009 bushfires made a series of recommendations aimed at reducing the risk and effects of fire, to minimise fire-related loss of life. Among those 67 recommendations made, 15 could be directly addressed with the use of OR methods. In general, OR methods provide a framework to help wildfire managers to treat different sources of information and use it efficiently in their decision-making processes.

The talk will give an extensive review of fire management problems addressable through OR methods and discuss recent developments in relation to bushfires.
Biography: Dr. Tanasescu is currently a Research Fellow working in emergency management bushfire problems at RMIT.

Before coming to Australia, she was working at ESSEC Business School where she was a research fellow at OMOR cluster (http://operations-management-research.essec.edu/home). She obtained her PhD in 2014.


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