Past Events


3 March: A/Prof. Alex Kruger, Federation University Australia, Transversality, subtransversality and intrinsic transversality of pairs of sets
1 March: Mr Juan Gonzalez Criado del Rey, Condition metrics and curvature
27 February: Mr Juan Gonzalez Criado del Rey, University of Cantabria (Spain), Distributing points on spheres and other manifolds
3 February: Ms Hoa Thi Bui, Federation University Australia, Quasiconvexity and robust quasiconvexity
27 January: Dr Pierluigi Cesana, La Trobe University, Smart membranes that do not wrinkle.
24 January: RMITOpt workshop.
23 January: Prof. Melvyn Sim, National University of Singapore, Distributionally Robust Optimization.
20 January: Prof. Asen Dontchev, University of Michigan and Mathematical Reviews, Strong Metric Subregularity. Download slides


29/11/2016 - Andrew Eberhard, RMIT University, Revealed Preference Theory Revisited.
15/11/2016 - James Saunderson, Monash University, Semide nite descriptions of regular polygons (and beyond), Download slides
3/11/2016 - Mahdi Bashiri, Shahed University (Iran), An algorithm for a p-Robust Hub Location Problem.
25/10/2016 - Nigel Clay, RMIT University, Modelling Blood Transfusions with Acyclic Discrete Phase Type Distributions. Download slides
18/10/2016 - Markus Hegland, Australian National University, Low rank approximations—numerical approximations from algebraic geometry. Download slides
11/10/2016 - William Haskell, National University of Singapore, Random constraint sampling and duality for convex optimization. Download slides
4/10/2016 - Vera Roshchina, RMIT University, Complexity bounds for classic algorithms in conic optimisation.
21/09/2016 - Aharon Ben-Tal
15/09/2016 - Sergei Schreider, RMIT university, Optimisation methods in resource allocation management. Download slides
06/09/2016 - Abdelkader Sbihi, Ecole de Manegement de Normandie (France), The sharing problem with disjunctive constraints: efficient algorithms and some incorporated valid inequalities. Download slides
30/08/2016 - Reinier Diaz Millan, Federal Institute of Goiás (Brazil), Two algorithms for solving systems of operator inclusion problems. Download slides
23/08/2016 - Daniel Ralph, University of Cambridge, Keeping Options Open When Just One Can Be Exercised: When To Select the Winner From an R&D Portfolio?. Download slides
11/08/2016 - Vural Aksakalli, RMIT University, Feature Selection via Binary Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation. Download slides
27/07/2016 - Aris Daniilidis, Universidad de Chile, Interplay between geometric descent and structure in optimization. Download slides
27/07/2016 - Robert Baier, University of Bayreuth (Germany), Set-Valued Newton's Method for the Computation of Convex Invariant Sets. Download slides
15/06/2016 - Brian Dandurand, RMIT University, A new method for optimizing the non-anticipative Lagrangian dual of a stochastic mixed-integer program. Download slides
01/06/2016 - Héctor Ramírez, Universidad de Chile, New advances on sensitivity analysis of solution maps to parameterized equilibria with conic constraints. Download slides
19/05/2016 - Zahra Roshan Zamir, Swinburne University of Technology, Detection of epileptic seizure in EEG signals using linear least squares preprocessing. Download slides
11/05/2016 - Vera Roshchina, RMIT University, Combinatorial diameter of polyhedra
04/05/2016 - Martin Olsen, Aarhus University (Denmark), Probabilistic Analysis of Online Stacking Algorithms. Download slides
27/04/2016 - Tian Sang, RMIT University, On the conjecture by Demyanov-Ryabova in converting finite exhausters. Download slides
06/04/2016 - Andres Abeliuk, University of Melbourne, On the Optimality of Cultural Markets with Social Influence. Download slides
22/03/2016 - Shuai Liu, RMIT University, New Bundle Methods for Nonsmooth Optimization, Download slides
16/03/2016 -  Fabricio Oliveira, RMIT University, Tutorial on Robust Optimisation - modelling aspects and applications Download slides (link for Notebook here)


When - Who

26/05/2015 - Bill Moran
2/06/2015 - Andrew Eberhard
9/06/2015 - Bill Moran
23/06/2015 - Sergei Schreider
21/07/2015 - Yousong Luo
28/07/2015 - Ali Eshragh
28/07/2015 - Andrew Eberhard
4/08/2015 - Brian Dandurand
25/08/2015 - Alex Kruger
1/09/2015 - Marc Demange
8/09/2015 - Andrew Eberhard
15/09/2015 - Victor Reijnders
18/09/2015 - Levent Tuncel from CARMA
27/10/2015 - Babak Abbasi
6/11/2015 - Marc Demange
24/11/2015 - Nadezda Sukhorukova from Swinburne
8/12/2015 - Nigel Clay
14/12/2015 - Constance Schober from USF (Florida, USA)