Scheduled events

Please contact rmitopt(at) if you would like to give a talk.

This schedule contains both RMIT Optimisation Group and Information Security seminars.

  • 10 March (Friday), 3–4pm: Dr Joanne Hall, RMIT University, Semi-Fields and Planar Functions First RMIT InfoSec seminar!
  • 17 March (Friday), 3–4pm: Dr Tiangang Cui, Monash University.
  • 24 March (Friday), 3–4pm: Dr Stephen Davis, RMIT University, Gamification of Crime Scene Fingerprint Analysis (InfoSec talk).
  • 31 March (Friday), 3–4pm: A/Prof. Adil Bagirov, Federation University Australia.
  • 7 April (Friday), 3–4pm: Dr Jessica Liebig, RMIT (InfoSec talk).
  • 21 April (Friday), 3–4pm: Dr Janosch Rieger, Monash University.
  • 5 May (Friday), 3–4pm: Prof. Reinout Quispel, La Trobe.
  • 19 May (Friday), 3–4pm: Prof. Bill Moran, RMIT.

Please see our archive for past talks.